Foyer Revamp

Over the last few months, I’ve been redecorating my foyer. I repainted, added some floral arrangements, repainted a bench, and added some cute frames.

Here’s what it looked like after I painted the walls and the bench. My Aunt Jackie helped me create the floral arrangements (all supplies & container from Michael’s). I am absolutely dreadful with floral arranging. I just can’t do it. But, I’m lucky to know people who can do it!


So look at that big empty wall. What to do?


I love the empty frame walls that I’d seen in magazines, so decided to try it myself – on the cheap. I went to Walmart and got their cheap frames in a few sizes and styles. Then I got some paint in three colors – yellow, cream, and brown.


Spray painting IS something I can do. It took several light coats to get the coverage I wanted. Tip: If you want a more antique look, sand some of the paint off in places and add an antiquing stain.


Here’s the wall today. I added all those frame in random order (using those awesome removable adhesive frame mounts). I also added some family heirlooms in the photo – my great great grandmother’s hand woven blanket and a bowl of my grandma’s old wooden spools and her favorite thimble. I’m not the type of person who likes to put valuable stuff away in a drawer or cabinet. I say use it, display it, treasure it everyday.


Here’s a closeup of the yellow frame. I cut some dandelions and our name in Silhouette heavy duty vinyl on my Silhouette machine. Very simple and very me.

I started this project last fall. Just finished it last week. Phew! I can mark that off my to-do list.


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