Happy Valentine’s Day!

Rachel and I have a tradition of making handmade Valentines for her friends. We did a really simple chocolate bar wrap this year. It’s easy and you can adapt it for any occasion. And kids can totally get in on the action.



We found the cutest little weiner foam die cuts at Target a couple week ago. We snapped those babies up immediately. We love weiner dogs.

The first step of this project is to measure the length of your chocolate bar. 6x6 patterned paper is easiest to use because you only have to make one cut (the length of your bar.) This bar measured 5.25”. Then you just wrap your paper around and secure it with a few glue dots. Then decorate however you like.

You can use these for wedding or birthday party favors. Or for any holiday – Easter, Halloween, Christmas. The sky’s the limit.


So cute! And we love cute. Have a great sweetheart day.

(papers are all My Minds Eye. Yes, I’m obsessed.)


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