Amy Butler Fabric: Project 3

I'm sure you've seen those adorable change purses on Etsy? They're so cute, I could purchase every one of them. Can you tell I'm working on getting my purse addiction under control? Anyhoo...

I decided to make one for myself. And wouldn't it be cute to make one to match my purse?! I got the frame at Joann's Fabric for about $4. So off I go on the web to search out how to actually make one of these things. It's got to be simple, right? I came across an awesome blog with simple instructions.


Lisa to the rescue! You can also buy purse making supplies from her at http://www.u-handbag.com/. Incredible store. Lisa also has a new book out "The Bag Making Bible." That baby is coming home with Mama the next time I'm in Borders.

Adorable. I embroidered a "T" onto the fabric before I put it together. LOVE it.

I feel a sudden urge to go to Macy's. Check ya later,


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