Teacher Gifts

I wanted to show you some teacher gifts I made for Rachel's teachers last school year as a thank you. (Yes! I'm just getting around to posting them!) I personally feel very strongly about showing teachers my appreciation for all their hard work educating my daughter. Let's face it. They don't get paid a lot for educating the future generations of this country.

I get (errr...steal) my best ideas from other people. I was at a dinner party and a friend mentioned she was working on teacher gifts. I asked her what she was doing and she said embroidering hand towels. I had been thinking about what to do and that idea was perfect and inexpensive. I told her I was stealing her idea and I ran with it! (Thanks Susie VanJ. for the great idea.) I'm passing the idea on to you now, so I'm paying it forward :)

I bought nice hand towels and embroidered them with my Babylock Ellisimo machine. Love that machine! I made some nice gift tags to personalize the gift even further. Took about 20 minutes per towel for the embroidering and making the tag. Not bad for a handmade gift. I also washed them all after embroidering to remove that "store scent" and to give them a nice, freshly laundered smell.

Here's a closeup of the tag. I used a 1.75" circle punch, a 2" scallop punch, Papertrey Ink stamps, ribbon and cardstock. Seriously, those stamps make it so easy to create professional looking projects quickly.

Almost every one of those teachers has told me how much they are enjoying those towels in their guest baths. Ahhhh...that makes it all worth it.  Enjoy,


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